Real Estate

We help our clients with their real estate needs across the Greater Toronto Area. We provide representation on matters such as  

  • Residential properties - new homes, resale homes, condominiums, apartments
  • Commercial properties – commercial condominiums, units
  • Re-financing of mortgage – first, second or third mortgages; collateral mortgages
  • Family transfers – transfers between family members
  • Survivorship applications – transfers to family members and heirs

We strive to provide our clients with Efficient, Effective, and Expeditious service. Our professionals provide with timely, reliable, and accurate information that assists you in making informed decisions. 

At Parmar Law, our goal is to provide real estate clients with peace of mind. Our services are aimed to make process of real estate transactions as stress-free as possible. We help home buyers understand some of the costs involved in buying a home as well as the process to go from having an accepted contract of purchase and sale and an approved mortgage to becoming the property’s owner and receiving the keys to their new home.

With continually evolving real estate markets, we understand the uncertainties that may accompany real estate transactions when you are in middle of one of the largest transactions in an individual’s life. Our lawyers understand the local real estate markets, and know what to look for—so that you don’t have to.

Our lawyers can help you deal with any anticipatory breaches, misrepresentations, or failures to complete by agreed-upon completion dates, as well as with any other complications that might arise.

We offer no-obligation quotes and free initial consultations. Call us at +1-905-672-8899, our professionals will happily help you. 


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